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Automated External Defibrillator Certification Online

Automated External Defibrillator Certification Online

What do you do when you see a man or woman suddenly stop in pain and grab their heart? Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, this can happen anywhere at any time. Heart diseases are the most common cause of death in the United States of America ( feel free to do your research), which means you should try to make a difference. Are you interested in learning infant CPR, adult CPR, basic life support (BLS) or first aid techniques, or how to use an external defibrillator on an adult, child, or infant? 

Despite the fact that we are powerless when it comes to preventing someone from having a heart attack, we can prepare ourselves and save someone else’s life by getting an online CPR AED certification and learning first aid skills. 

A CPR AED certification is a desired first aid skill that many people look for in the professional world today. Employers look for people with this first aid certificate and who can save a life, which means that this certification can also enhance your life in various ways.  

Looking at the current state of the world, do people have time and the ability to go to a physical training course with Covid 19? Luckily, an online CPR AED certification training course exists! These online courses consist of classes that allow you to get certified at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. 

AED Training

AED USA provides more than one training program, so you can help support those who suffer from cardiac arrest or other heart conditions. There are two options to choose between, AED first aid and AED CPR. We offer CPR AED certification, which has assisted many people to save numerous lives. 

Our company is an authorized Medic First Aid Training Facility, which offers classroom and blended first aid, AED training certification and resources, and CPR. When you receive training from us, it is valid for two years. The course includes onsite instructor-led skills assessment and coaching with self-paced training, which means that you cover all necessary areas of achieving your certification. An authorized medic trainer conducts the entire process; hence, you are going to see the efficiency of the first aid, defibrillation, and CPR training and program, when receiving your online certification.

AED Training


AED Certification

Do you or any of your employees need AED training or re-certification? Get your certificate through us! Our proprietary AED Notification System takes care of the programs so that you can handle any emergency that comes your way. As an employed adult, it is crucial that you have your training certificate or complete your automated external defibrillator certification. 

AED First Aid

AED first aid training is essential. AED USA provides the necessary AED training course to ensure that you can save someone’s life following the correct safety procedure. Businesses need to provide AED first aid training to adult staff members so that they can take the required measures during an emergency situation while they wait for professional medical help or healthcare to arrive. Employees must also be equipped with all necessary materials and resources during this period, such as defibrillators and first aid kits. 

When you get your AED first aid certification or certificate and get the required training, you do not need to panic in emergency medical circumstances. You reduce the risk factors associated with these life-threatening occurrences. When you enroll in the AED USA first aid training course, the facility makes sure that you know how to perform the appropriate CPR under specific circumstances.


You need to learn how and when to utilize an AED device during CPR. People need an AED during CPR to help the patient regain the natural rhythm of their heart and to prevent sudden cardiac death. You need to introduce an AED into the first aid CPR process when you can see that the patient does not respond to the CPR. Repeat the automated external defibrillator, AED, process if there is still no response from the patient. While it is crucial to have your AED CPR certification, as this may change someone’s life, you need to call an emergency healthcare service before you apply the AED device or perform CPR. Contact AED USA via call or email if you want to join an AED online certification program. The training course is going to teach you everything you need to know regarding how to perform CPR and utilize an AED device. 

Online CPR and AED Certification Meaning

CPR and AED training are two different types of life-saving skills and techniques that people can receive a certification for. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and AED stands for an automated external defibrillator. When you use these two courses together, you get an extremely effective and efficient way of saving a patient’s life who suffers from sudden cardiac arrest.

Online CPR and AED Certification

In general, people teach these courses together in first aid training classes. However, did you know that there is a difference between CPR training and an AED training course?

Let us explore the differences between the two.

What Is CPR?

CPR is a first aid skill and technique that individuals use, where they continuously compress the patient’s chest to get the blood flowing by mimicking a heartbeat. It is also a method that you use when someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest occurs when a person’s heart stops beating unexpectedly. The purpose of this procedure is to prevent the person’s organs from dying or to reduce the risk of experiencing brain damage when the person’s heart restarts. 

What Is an Automated External Defibrillator?

What is an automated external defibrillator, AED, device? 

An AED device is a tool that people use to help individuals who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest or who have other heart conditions. You do not need to be a medical or healthcare provider to use an automated external defibrillator; these machines are relatively simple to use despite the fact that they use advanced technology. An automated external defibrillator provides electric shocks to people who experience ventricular fibrillation. An AED used with CPR increases the possibility of saving a person’s life. 

Automated external defibrillators are available in various forms, such as implanted defibrillators or a pacemaker.

What Does it Mean to be AED Certified?

What is AED certified? If you receive your online automated external defibrillator certification, it means that you are qualified and have received the necessary training to use an AED device on a person who is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest or other life-threatening heart conditions. 

Your certification means that you can perform basic life support (BLS) skills following all the necessary safety procedures and regulations. Whether it involves an adult, child, or infant, you are allowed to use an external defibrillator to save their life because you attended the necessary online training courses. 

Where Can You Learn How to Use an AED or How to Perform CPR?

You can feel free to contact or email various places to get online training courses to help you receive your AED or CPR certification. These places include:

  1. Your local hospital
  2. A healthcare practitioner
  3. American Red Cross
  4. The American Heart Association
  5. Other organizations that are qualified to offer these basic medical programs 
  6. Fire departments
  7. Community colleges
  8. Community health centers

Most of these institutions are going to differ in their first aid training methods. In the United States, most individual agencies or institutions cannot accredit a CPR AED class; however, they can offer you a certificate and some training. American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, and the national safety council provide accreditation that most American employers accept. 

It is possible to find places that offer free online training classes that only charge a small fee to issue you with your CPR certification certificate. 

Can You Get CPR AED Certified Online?

You can get CPR AED certified online; however, you need to ensure that you find a credible, trustworthy, and reliable training course. The most important factor to consider when engaging in online courses is to ensure that it complies with all government and safety regulations. 

An online CPR or first aid certification does not limit you in any way. If you receive your certificate, you are still certified to:

  1. Use an external defibrillator.
  2. Perform adult CPR AED, infant CPR AED, and child CPR AED
  3. Perform other basic life support (BLS) safety techniques. 

Email various CPR AED organizations if you want to find out what safety and CPR training courses they offer and whether it is for free or if you have to pay a fee. 

Information Covered in an Online CPR AED Certification Training Course

A trained professional medical instructor offers adult CPR and AED classes so that they can ensure you can complete all the necessary requirements for CPR and first aid. The course includes training that is suitable for caring for children, adults, and people who work in professional environments. Safety is essential in all environments as you never know when there is going to be an emergency. Even an infant may require support from a defibrillator; hence, you can never be too careful when it comes to CPR. 

The length of each class varies depending on the topics covered and who you are completing the course with. Generally, the course includes:

  1. An introduction to CPR
  2. The chain of survival and good Samaritan laws
  3. The symptoms and causes of sudden cardiac arrest
  4. All universal precautions
  5. CPR practices for an adult, child, and infant CPR
  6. The necessary treatment for conscious adult choking victims
  7. The required treatment for unconscious adult choking victims
  8. Compression only CPR
  9. The ideal recovery position
  10. Conscious choking
  11. Different treatments for a choking baby
  12. The treatment for a conscious choking child between the ages of one to seven
  13. The treatment for an unconscious choking child between the ages of one to seven
  14. The use of an automated external defibrillator, AED, device
  15. How to utilize a mask or any barrier device
  16. A final exam

Once the course is complete, you instantly get your certification, which you can print. Your card is still going to be delivered to you via mail at a later date. 

How Long Does It Take to Get AED Certified?

Various people take different lengths of time to get certified. You are going to get your automated external defibrillator, AED, certification once you complete and pass the training course. You have the freedom to work at your own pace, which means that you decide how long it takes you to get certified. 

When considering the AED USA first aid, CPR, and AED classroom training course, you need a minimum of seven hours to get certified for a two-year period. The class teaches you the basic and required skills, safety concerns, and helps to build your confidence so that you can handle such situations. 

If you are taking the blended online and onsite training course that AED USA offers, you can expect comprehensive training in emergency medical healthcare. This class includes basic first aid skills, CPR skills, and how to use an automated external defibrillator, AED. Once again, the CPR ad AED training certification is valid for two years. This AED training course offers an On-Site Skills Check and On-Demand Video Training portion. You can view these online classes on any mobile device and as many times as you would like to. 

How Long Does an AED Certification Last?

The validity of an automated external defibrillator, AED, certification depends on the course you completed. Various organizations offer courses that are going to give you a certificate or certification for different lengths of time. You could be certified for anywhere between a few months to a few years. 

If you take the AED USA automated external defibrillator training classes, you are going to be certified for two years. After this period, you need to get re-certified. The re-certification course does not take as long as the initial certification training course. 

How Long Does a CPR Certification Last?

Unfortunately, a CPR certification does expire after a period of time. The AED USA CPR certification lasts for two years. Once the certificate expires, you need to get a re-certification. 

One needs to remember that there are different types of CPR certifications and the period of getting the certificate and how long it lasts differs depending on numerous factors. The CPR training courses you receive are going to dictate how long your CPR AED certification lasts. The material you cover in the courses determines your CPR AED certificate. 

What Are the Benefits of an Online CPR AED Certification Training Course?

Apart from the obvious fact that you are learning how to save a human’s life whether it is adult CPR or something else, the online CPR AED courses offer many advantages, such as:

  • The certification is nationally accepted.
  • You get instant access to the certification once you complete the course.
  • You are updated with the latest American Heart Association guidelines and the national standards.
  • You can save a great deal of time.
  • The training courses are created by a certified and professional instructor. 

What Cities Does AED USA Offer the CPR Training in?

Are you looking for “AED training near me” or “AED CPR classes near me?” If you are based in the US, you can use the AED and CPR training classes provided by AED USA (cities list provided below).

Tips When Receiving an Online CPR AED Certification

CPR training and AED training are essential skills in saving someone’s life, whether they are an infant, child, or adult. Both of these safety procedures need to be performed as quickly as possible in a medical emergency. The longer you wait to perform this basic life support, BLS, measure, you reduce the person’s chance of survival. 

These two forms of first aid, CPR and AED, are the only courses that are helpful when it comes to dealing with a matter of cardiac arrest; hence, the material in these online courses is vital. 

Keep in mind that you need to feel free to ask questions on the course material when enrolling in an online training class, as this is the only way you are going to develop the basic skills to save a life. 

What Questions Should You Ask When Getting an Online Class for CPR AED Training?

When you are trying to get your CPR AED certification online, you need to ensure that the course material includes all relevant guides and information. You need to ensure that all relevant medical issues and materials are addressed, whether it relates to an adult, child, or infant. Here as some of the basic questions to ask to help you pass the basic life support ( BLS) online certification course: 

  • Is there a test? – There should be a test or exam on the material that you need to pass in order to get your certificate. If you pass the test, it shows that you can apply all the steps using the correct safety procedures to help save someone’s life. Since the course is online, you need to enquire whether you can retake the test until you pass in the event that you fail, or whether you need to pay again to get your CPR certification. 
  • Is your instructor certified? – It is vital to know whether your teacher is qualified or not to teach the first aid safety training course. You need to get an online certificate or certification from a recognized body or organization. If you are uncertain, do not hesitate to email or contact the instructor to find out their credentials and whether there are qualified or not to teach the course. Do not always pick the first or cheapest training you come across. 
  • What materials or tools do you need? – A CPR and automated external defibrillator class should adopt more of a practical approach; therefore, you need to ensure that you have access to all the necessary equipment and materials that the course includes. If you truly want to master the skill for which you are receiving a certificate, you need to physically practice the tasks and course material. You are not going to learn the basic life support, BLS, material by simply watching an online training video and sending an email to an instructor. 

You need to focus on the quality of the training you receive. A certification or certificate is of no value if you cannot put the principles into practice. When you are done with the course, you need to ask yourself, ” Do I believe that I could save someone’s life?”

The Bottom Line: Email AED USA for Your Online CPR Training!

An online first aid AED and CPR certification is a convenient process that is sometimes free. Make sure that you get access to a high-quality and affordable CPR AED certification training course and a CPR AED renewal that teaches you the important and valuable skill of how to save a human life. 

Whether you need to perform infant CPR, adult CPR, or deliver a shock to an adult or child using an automated external defibrillator, you need to have a specific level of confidence to perform these first aid tasks successfully. Getting your online CPR AED training and certification is crucial and an excellent achievement; however, these online training courses often lack hands-on instructions and devices, such as the automated external defibrillator. Make sure that you get the necessary CPR certification as soon as possible so that you can familiarize yourself with what is required of you to save an individual’s life using first aid principles. 

Gaining your online CPR certification is a convenient process that you can achieve by dedicating a few hours of your time to your safety courses and first aid class. By learning this first aid material, you impact the world for free, not just one person’s life. Are you ready to save multiple lives? 

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