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CPR and AED Training can Empower You to Save a Life

How CPR and AED Training can Empower You to Save a Life

1,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) every day in the United States. It can strike anybody at any time, regardless of age or health. Less than 10% of victims live through SCA even when we all have easily attainable access to the treatment that can save SCA victims’ lives: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and a medical device called an automated external defibrillator (AED).

So, why aren’t more SCA lives being saved when we have the tools at our fingertips and the ability to use them? There are several reasons, the biggest one being fear

The fear that freezes us, preventing us from even attempting to rescue a distressed victim of SCA, comes partially from the lack of knowledge needed to give us the confidence to act immediately, which is the requirement for the rescue of SCA victims. 

We doubt that we have any ability to help the collapsed patient who is no longer breathing, so we do nothing.

Parent Heart Watch and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation have joined forces to urge the public to learn CPR, learn how to use AEDs, and be brave enough to do something

Listen to the following video to hear how you, too, can become empowered to make a difference and save lives.

We can save more lives, and we must spread awareness, gain knowledge and training, and become more prepared to do so. 

The fear can be overcome by participating in SCA awareness research and learning and participating in CPR and AED training. And even when we are unsure of our abilities and cannot access training, we can still assist a victim by calling 9-1-1 immediately and allowing operators to guide us through the rescue process until paramedics arrive. 

It’s worth a try, and SCA victims deserve our bravery and attempts to save them, trained or untrained. Start by joining the national movement, Call-Push-Shock, and begin to learn, empowering yourself to be a life saver.

If you are interested in purchasing a lifesaving AED device that is easy to use, lightweight and portable, or need information on training so that you can protect yourself, your family members or your employees, contact AED USA today.

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