Defibtech, LLC was incorporated in United States in 1999 and is located in Guilford, Connecticut. The company is one of 6 manufacturers of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the U.S and they have over 400,000 AED machines in service globally.  In 2012, Defibtech was acquired by Nihon Kohden corporation.  Nihon Kohden is a Japanese company that has been selling AED devices since 2002 primarily in Japan. Nihon Kohden was founded in 1951 with the corporate founding motto, “Fighting Disease With Electronics” and has since grown to become a leading global medical equipment manufacturer.

Defibtech’s LIFELINE AED series is designed for a wide range of users, from trained first responders to untrained bystanders.


The original Defibtech AED includes all mission critical features necessary to provide the most advanced treatment available for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The LIFELINE AEDs deliver the gold standard for simple and unintimidating operation even for an untrained responder.

Clear Voice Prompts: Saving a life with an AED is a very stressful life event. A calm voice from your LIFELINE AED leads the responder through the rescue, clearly and concisely stating each instruction, one step at a time.

LIFELINE VIEW AED - Like having a coach right next to you.

The LIFELINE VIEW AED is designed to bring order and calm to a chaotic life or death sudden cardiac event.

Clear Voice Prompts Plus Video: The LIFELINE VIEW is the first and only AED that provides full motion color video instructions for the responder to follow during a cardiac emergency. The video is a powerful tool that guides the user through step-by-step instructions for CPR, rescue breathing and external defibrillation. Select the LIFELINE VIEW AED to have an AED - CPR coach right there with you when you need it most.