ZOLL AED 3 CPR Uni-Padz III Product Photo
ZOLL AED 3 CPR Uni-Padz III Product Photo


$234.00 USD

Product Code: 8900-000280-01


ZOLL AED 3 CPR Uni-Padz III: Universal Readiness for Every Resuscitation Scenario

Introducing the ZOLL AED 3 CPR Uni-Padz III, the cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the efficacy of your emergency response with the ZOLL AED 3. These innovative, universal electrode pads are engineered to support rescuers in providing high-quality CPR and defibrillation to victims of sudden cardiac arrest across all ages. With the CPR Uni-Padz III, you're equipped to make a critical difference in saving lives, whether in a professional healthcare setting, a public space, or a corporate environment.

Key Features

  • Universal Application: Designed for versatility, these pads can be used on both adult and pediatric patients, eliminating the need for separate electrode sets and streamlining the emergency response process.
  • Real CPR Help® Technology: Integrated with ZOLL's Real CPR Help® technology, these pads offer real-time feedback on the quality of chest compressions, helping rescuers achieve the optimal depth and rate.
  • Extended Shelf Life: With a five-year shelf life, the CPR Uni-Padz III are among the longest-lasting electrodes available, ensuring your AED is always ready with minimal maintenance.
  • Pre-connected Design: Can be pre-connected to the ZOLL AED 3, which allows for immediate use, saving valuable time during a cardiac emergency.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Each set of pads includes clear, illustrated guidelines, ensuring correct placement on the patient for effective defibrillation and CPR assistance.

Why Choose the ZOLL AED 3 CPR Uni-Padz III?

In moments of crisis, the quality of your equipment is paramount. The ZOLL AED 3 CPR Uni-Padz III not only simplifies the preparation process in stressful situations but also enhances the effectiveness of life-saving interventions. By integrating seamlessly with the ZOLL AED 3 and providing real-time CPR feedback, these pads empower rescuers to perform at their best. Whether you're a seasoned healthcare professional or a lay rescuer, the CPR Uni-Padz III are your allies in the fight against sudden cardiac arrest.

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: Exclusively designed for use with the ZOLL AED 3.
  • Lifespan: Up to 5 years from the date of manufacture, offering exceptional long-term readiness.
  • Application: Suitable for use on adults and pediatric patients.
  • Technology: Features Real CPR Help® for feedback on CPR quality.
  • Package Contents: Includes one set of CPR Uni-Padz III.

Brand: Zoll