Philips FRx Training Pads II Product Photo Philips FRx Training Pads II Product Photo
Philips FRx Training Pads II Product Photo

Philips FRx Training Pads II

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Philips FRx Training Pads II: Realistic, Reusable, and Essential for AED Training

Elevate your training experience with the Philips FRx Training Pads II, a crucial component for anyone seeking comprehensive and realistic AED training. These training pads are expertly designed to replicate the feel and function of real defibrillation pads, ensuring that trainees get as close to the real experience as possible.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Training Experience: Designed to closely resemble the actual Philips FRx defibrillator pads, these training pads offer a realistic training experience, crucial for preparing for real-life emergencies​​​.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Use these training pads with both the HeartStart FRx AED and the HeartStart FRx Trainer. They are also compatible with manikins when connected via an external manikin adapter (M5089A) or a pad placement guide (M5090A for adults, 989803139281 for infants and children)​​.
  • Seamless Transition: Convert your working Philips FRx AED into a training device with ease. After training, simply swap the training pads with operational adult pads, and your AED is ready for real-life use​.
  • Reusable and Economical: These pads are not only practical but also economical, being reusable for approximately 70 demonstrations. This feature makes them a cost-effective choice for training programs​.
  • Instructional Support: Included with the pads are a user manual and an adult placement guide, offering clear instructions and guidance for optimal training outcomes​.

Why Choose Philips FRx Training Pads II?

  • Enhanced Learning: The realistic scenarios enabled by these pads prepare trainees for real emergencies, fostering confidence and proficiency.
  • Quality Assurance: As a product from Philips, a leader in medical equipment, quality and reliability are guaranteed.
  • Ease of Use: Their design ensures a hassle-free setup and transition between training and real-life readiness.

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