Philips FR3 Text Display AED w/ Soft Small Case Product Photo
Philips FR3 Text Display AED w/ Soft Small Case Product Photo

Philips FR3 Text Display AED w/ Soft Small Case

$2520.00 USD

Product Code: 861388-C01


Easy to use so you’re fast to respond

The FR3 is fast to use with peel and place SMART Pads III that are suitable for adults and children. It’s small, lightweight, and can be maneuvered in tight places. Quick Shock reduces the time between hands-off and shock delivery. And responders can quickly disconnect the FR3 and reconnect to the HeartStart MRx for a fast hand-off to the next level of care.

Rich clinical information to drive patient care

The FR3 delivers patient-specific guidance for the most appropriate initial therapy. For non-cardiac arrest patients, using the 3-Lead ECG cable helps you assess their condition. You get the information you need for confident decision-making.Plus, Philips add-on data management solutions help support a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

Built to endure and designed for flexibility

The FR3 is built for harsh environments. It is tested to stringent military standards, meets IP55 rating for protection against dust and jetting water, and passes a 1,100 pound crush test. Its rechargeable battery option provides up to 100 shocks and 3 hours (with QCPR) of monitoring time. Plus, FR3 is a highly flexible platform so you can configure it for a wide range of current and evolving protocols.

CPR Quality

  • Quick shock reduces the time between hands-off and shock delivery
  • Optional Q-CPR measurement and feedback for guidelines compliant CPR


  • Small, light, and easy-to-maneuver in tight places
  • Tested to military standards and is US Army Airworthiness Release (AWR) certified


  • Pre-connected pads with no pouch to open
  • Easily hands off to Philips MRx defibrillator-monitor
  • Pads can be used on adults and children
  • Infant/Child Key automatically adjusts therapy for infant/child protocols


  • Integrates with Philips data management software solutions


  • Delivers 300 shocks or 10 hours (with QCPR) of monitoring if configured


Brand: Philips
Prompt Type: Voice +
Operation Mode: Fully Automatic
Warranty: 5 Years
Water/Dust Resistance (IP Rating): IP55
Electrode Pads Life: 2 Years
Shock Energy: 150 Constant
Text Prompt: No
Voice Prompt: Yes
LED Prompt: No
ECG Display: No
Pediatric Capability: Yes
Converts To Trainer: No
Dual Language: No
CPR Coaching: Passive