Defibtech VIEW Electrode Pads Pediatric Product Photo
Defibtech VIEW Electrode Pads Pediatric Product Photo

Defibtech VIEW Electrode Pads Pediatric

$129.61 USD

Product Code: DDP-2002


Defibtech VIEW Electrode Pads Pediatric

Enhance the lifesaving capabilities of your Automated External Defibrillator (AED) with the Defibtech VIEW Electrode Pads Pediatric. Specially designed for young patients, these electrode pads are compatible with the Defibtech VIEW AED series, offering a tailored solution for emergency cardiac care in children. The pediatric pads ensure that rescuers can provide effective, gentle defibrillation to infants and children aged 1 to 8 years old or weighing less than 55 pounds (25 kg).

Key Features

  • Pediatric-Specific Design: Optimized for the unique anatomical and physiological characteristics of young children, ensuring safe and effective defibrillation.
  • Defibtech VIEW Compatibility: Engineered to work seamlessly with the Defibtech VIEW AED models, for a reliable and integrated emergency response solution.
  • Pre-Gelled for Immediate Use: The electrode pads come pre-gelled, facilitating quick application and excellent adhesion to the skin, crucial for effective therapy delivery in urgent situations.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Each set of pads includes clear, illustrated instructions for correct placement, enabling rescuers of all skill levels to apply them properly during high-pressure scenarios.
  • Single-Use Safety: Designed for single use to ensure maximum hygiene and effectiveness, these pediatric pads are a critical component of your AED setup for emergencies involving young patients.

Why Choose the Defibtech VIEW Electrode Pads Pediatric?

In emergencies involving children, having the right equipment is crucial for providing care that is both effective and sensitive to their needs. The Defibtech VIEW Electrode Pads Pediatric are developed with this in mind, offering a combination of safety, efficacy, and ease of use that is essential for treating young patients. By incorporating these pediatric pads into your AED setup, you ensure that you are prepared to offer lifesaving care to patients of all ages.

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with Defibtech VIEW AED series.
  • Package Contents: Each package contains one pair of pediatric electrode pads.
  • Shelf Life: 2 years

Brand: Defibtech
Electrode Pads Life: 2 Years