Cardiac Science G3 AED Battery Product Photo
Cardiac Science G3 AED Battery Product Photo

Cardiac Science G3 AED Battery

$484.00 USD

Product Code: 9146-302


Cardiac Science G3 AED Battery: Consistent, dependable energy for emergencies. Designed for lasting performance, keeping your G3 AED rescue-prepared.

Intellisense® Battery for Powerheart® G3 AED

The medical-grade Intellisense battery is the power behind the Powerheart G3 AED. This dependable battery is tested rigorously at Cardiac Science and then tested each day it is installed in your Powerheart G3 AED for presence and functionality to ensure readiness.

Power You Can Trust

Once Intellisense™ supplies are installed in your Powerheart G3 AED, years of unmatched performance is delivered. Each Intellisense AED battery comes with a 4-year performance guarantee.

How to determine your expiration date?

Knowing when to change your G3 battery can be a little confusing. The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Battery 9146-302 does not display an "Expiration Date" but instead displays a "Manufactured on Date".

Date Battery is Installed

It is very important to record the date you install the G3 battery into your AED for service. When the battery is installed in the device you have 4 years from that date until the battery expires. *Our free AED management software will make managing one or any number of AEDs you own, simple and easy.
Shelf Life
The battery has a 5-year shelf life (New and Uninstalled) calculated from the "Manufactured on Date". For example, if the "Manufactured on Date" was 2018-05 you could store the battery and safely insert in your AED to start your 4-year use of of the battery anytime until 2023-05.
This Intellisense lithium battery is for use in Powerheart AED G3 9300E, 9300A, 9390E, and 9390A devices shipped after April 12, 2004.

Brand: Cardiac Science
GTIN: 00812394020881