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New Law SB 199 Makes It Easier for Organizations to Deploy AED’s in Texas

A new Texas law will allow many more businesses and organizations to install Automatic External Defibrillators throughout Texas.  SB 199 will increase access to these life-saving devices which could result in a significant drop in the number of cardiac arrests and deaths in Texas.

What are the significant changes in the Texas AED law?

Sen. Jane Nelson and Rep. Four Price sponsored Senate Bill 199 which takes effect Sept 1, 2021, and was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott.

  • Elimination of Training Requirements.

SB 199 eliminates the requirement of CPR and AED training for businesses that wish to purchase AED’s. Although we still recommend CPR and AED training for all employees, this will no longer be an obstacle for businesses that want to deploy lifesaving AED’s.

SM 199 now requires monthly inspections of all AED’s to make sure they are ready and operational, have no expired accessories, and are stored in the designated area.

  • Eliminates Liability.

SB 199 provides immunity from civil liability to anyone who owns, occupies, or is responsible for the AED. This applies when an AED is not used, used, or improperly used to try and save a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Summary of Major Differences

One of the most important changes to the Texas state law is regarding the newly defined frequency of AED readiness checks requirement. Previously and in most states in the US, the frequency of readiness checks language is limited to a very vague definition. Most AED state laws use language like “inspections should be performed based on the recommendations of the AED manufacturer” or “readiness checks should be performed on a periodic basis”.  The definition of periodic is very subjective.  The new SB 199 law specifically requires at least monthly readiness checks. We’ve got you covered with our FREE AEDMD Management system which automatically schedules readiness checks for monthly intervals.

Why We Use Text Messaging to Initiate Readiness Checks

Do you ever miss emails? It’s a growing problem due to the exponentially increasing number of emails we receive on a daily basis.

  • Did you know text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate?
  • Did you also know that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes?

This is why we deliver your monthly AED readiness check reminder notifications by text message (don’t worry, we also send an email). You won’t ever miss a monthly readiness check again.

What To Do Now

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If you are not located in Texas we always recommend best practices.  Monthly readiness checks are not required in all states but it is recommended as best practice. If you want to be emergency ready then take advantage of our Free AED Management services today.

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