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sudden cardiac arrest and covid19 relationship

Important updates regarding the relationship between sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and COVID-19

AED USA received an email newsletter from The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation on June 30th, 2020 regarding some important updates on the relationship between sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and COVID-19

Availability and awareness of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) as lifesaving devices is now more important than ever it seems.

In New York City, COVID-19 has resulted in a surge of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) resulting in deaths. This year in NYC there were three times more SCAs during March and April than there were in March and April of 2019. 

I would be willing to bet, unfortunately, that this might be the pattern in other states that were also hit hard with the virus.

When SCA occurs, it is “sudden” … one is never prepared for the experience and there is very little time to save the victim whose heart has stopped beating. After only minutes, brain damage occurs and is followed quickly by death. 

SCAs do not discriminate among a person’s age, fitness level, health, or geographical location. They can strike anybody, anytime, anywhere. 

By the time paramedics arrive, if a bystander, coworker, or family member has not already intervened with CPR and an AED, survival chances are slim. AEDs are the only devices that can restore a victim’s heart to a normal rhythm.

Sudden cardiac arrests do not have to result in fatalities so numerous that it has become a crisis when there is a deterrent available to everyone. 

Now that AEDs are made for the general public to own and are affordable, easy-to-use and easy to maintain, you should consider investing in one for your workplace or home if you are at risk. When the minutes count, you will be prepared and a life might be saved.

Contact AED USA today to find the AED that is right for your home or workplace. Our AED experts are ready to help you and eager to save lives.


For more on the COVID-19 and SCA relationship and what is occurring in New York, click the link below. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Dramatically Increased Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Cases and Deaths in New York City  (article originally published on on 6/19/20).

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